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  1. InPipe Energy is introducing a Flow and Pressure Management & Energy Recovery Dashboard and would love to see if it represents an opportunity to collaborate. Now, water agencies can securely monitor and manage pressure precisely, reduce NRW while also producing renewable energy by turning excess pressure into a revenue stream with InPipe Energy’s In-PRV.

    We’ll be at Booth #412

  2. 4th December 2021
    During 2021 saw applications of the UARL with SCF (System Correction Factor) concept extended from Malta, to the whole of Quebec Province, to Sydney Water and several other countries and Utilities, with over 2000 individual calculations using Water Loss Research and Analysis Ltd online software ranging from DMAs to large Utilities. SCFs customised to local parameters can deal with the ‘boundary cases’ mentioned in the AWWA FWAS Version 6.0 Water Audit software, for small systems and a wider range of low and high pressures. Watch out for Kate’s NAWL presentation posted on Leakssuite Library and WLR&A websites in January.

  3. One year ago, the newest version 6 of the American Water Works Association (AWWA) Free Water Audit Software was released on World Water Loss Day 2021. Per a recent article in the October 2021 issue of Journal AWWA, Will Jernigan (Chair, Software Subcommittee) and David Sayers noted, ‘Besides general enhancements, the Software Subcommittee established the following design objectives for FWAS v6.0:
    -Accommodate a range of water system sizes, designs, and auditor experience levels.
    -Include enough water audit parameters and system details to be effective, but streamline the program to be user-friendly and time-efficient.
    -Remove subjective elements in the Data Grading Matrix.
    -Minimize variability between FWAS v5.0 and FWAS v6.0 scores for the same input conditions.’

    One year later on World Water Loss Day 2021, the FWAS v6.0 celebrates more than 3,000 downloads as water systems in North America adopt the latest industry standard tool! Congratulations AWWA Water Loss Control – Software Subcommittee on a job well done!

  4. Happy world water loss day everyone.In Kenya many organizations have been formed to create awereness about this world threat NRW.Much is being done in terms of implementing water loss management strategies .However in the utility i work for we have managed NRW to 15% and we are applying best practices to ensure we reduce to 10%.

  5. Reduction water loss in the distribution of of greatest importance in view of precious fresh water is lot and also a financial loss to the utility. In the context of developing countries where the system losses are more than 40-50% highest priority to be given to save this loss of water. Many countries the world are water stress , and unless they reduce this important component is addressed ,the utilities can not sustain both environmentally and financially .

  6. Happy World Water Loss Day to all. It was indeed a powerful day to continue in raising awareness on this important issue.

    For those interested in the new AWWA Free Water Audit Software, you can now download it here:

    Of note: metric units are available, and in this latest version you can provide a $ conversion rate to convert to your local currency. So while the software is oriented towards North American utilities, it can be used anywhere.

    Best regards to all

  7. The development of this Software is indeed a great achievement. We are patiently waiting for it.
    NRW is a very big problem in Malawi where 40% of portable water is wasted and people are facing big challenges in accessing water.
    Happy Christmas and New Year to all.

  8. Kudos to our AWWA WLCC Software Subcommittee on completion of the Free Water Audit Software v6 which was released today. A major step forward in helping water systems assess their NRW and begin planning water loss control improvements.

  9. Happy World Water Loss Day everyone! While there are many water systems in North America applying best practices, for many, they are still taking their first steps toward effective water loss management through awareness and technical assistance programs. In celebration of World Water Loss Day, here is a story map of what some of the states Cavanaugh has had the privilege to work with are doing. Hope you enjoy!

  10. On this World Water Loss Day our company, Aquify, is doing what we do everyday… promoting better water loss management through technology and monitoring and analyzing DMAs of our US water utility customers through our network operations control center and event management software.
    Great to be a part of a global community focused on addressing this important issue.

  11. 1. Preparing leak detection sweep (pre-location routes) across different networks to find unreported leakage and subsequent pinpointing and repair actions.
    2. Evaluating ACV’s for repair in advance of pipe replacement efforts to come.
    3. Deploying GPR to rectify location/discover networks elements not currently present in GIS.
    4. Preparing water balance interim sheets to keep close track of water waste and use across every operational area.

  12. An interesting day working with water loss today. Great news from Maputo -the first DMA of a batch which were designed by Water and Sanitation for the Urban Poor has been confirmed with a zero pressure test. Six more DMAs to follow in this project.

    On a totally different project a fascinating conversation with one of the leakage team managers from Severn Trent Water in our project ‘Gold Standard Leakage’ project where we are looking at the strengths and weakness of the 14 leakage management areas and developing action plans with each of the managers.

  13. Indian water Utilities are still not aware of NRW and its importance . I did a webinar on Continuous water supply & NRW loss reduction – Indian Experiences to the members of IWA in India . They appreciated the need to implement NRW and many of the members accepted the importance of NRW and to bring a transformation in the India Urban water sector .

    1. Well done Ashok. There’s a huge need for dissemination of good practice and general awareness – not just to technical staff but to the decision makers at the top of organisations.

  14. Today I am working on a set of water leakage map data, trying to make sense of it to improve our diagnostics performance. Let’s make it easier to find water leaks for our future water system.

    World Water Loss Day

  15. I am dedicating this day to all amazing enthusiasts from public water utilities responsible for leakage and water losses control. Your work is often neglected and invisible but your contribution will always be present and recognised at the end.
    I feel honoured for numerous opportunities to share passion and knowledge with you and to change and improve protection of water, our most precious resource, our foundation of life.
    Thank you.

  16. NRW is a major problem in Caribbean water utilities. The IDB has brought keen attention to this problem over the past few years in addition to financing critical NRW reduction projects. In 2020 we engaged a focused an NRW Reduction Training webinar series with water utilities from across the region. The training was conducted under the auspices of the CWWA and with the support of the CDB and the Barbados Water Authority. The generic financial model for NRW reduction prepared in the Training demonstrated that NRW reduction projects are investments that could pay for themselves over a reasonable time.

    Today, I will be working with the National Water Commission, Jamaica, on an on going NRW Reduction financial modeling training that the IDB is sponsoring. The IDB is also sponsoring other spin off work from the NRW Reduction Training. We will have much to share at Water Loss 2022. I am happy to know that today is World Water Loss Day!

  17. Water Loss Research and Analysis Ltd in partnership with LEAKSSuite Library Ltd are happy to celebrate World Water Loss Day 2020 with Malta Water Services Corporation as the first Utility worldwide to receive customised UARL with SCF calculations for all 320 Zones and sub-Zones, allowing improved targeting of zones with potential for lower leakage.

  18. Low ILIs in small systems
    Following 2 years research and development, LEAKSuite Library and Water Loss Research and Analysis Ltd are delighted to celebrate World Water Loss Day with Malta Water Services Corporation as the first Utility worldwide to receive customised UARL with SCF calculations for all 320 Zones and sub-Zones, allowing improved targeting of zones with potential for lower leakage.

    Low ILIs and Small Systems

  19. On December 4, 2019 – World Water Loss Day – organised by Aquabench, German Benchmarking Utilities met at Hessen Wasser in Germany for a Workshop with Joerg Koelbl about Water Losses in Transmission Systems – what a perfect date for such event! #worldwaterlossday

  20. Air Selangor has established our own specialist teams to actively detect leaks in our distribution system. These teams consist of 116 Leak Inspectors and 54 Leak Specialists. For the past 3 years since we carried out in-house NRW reduction programs, their achievement has helped us positively to reduce our NRW from 32.20% in 2016 to 28.70% in 2019.
    On the 7th October 2019, Air Selangor has taken another step by launching the campaign ‘Leak Finder Air Selangor’. In this campaign, all Air Selangor staff are encouraged to report any suspicious leak found during their daily walk around activities. To report the leak found, staffs has to call our Customer Service and provide a few specific information i.e. type of leaks and detail location. The objective of the campaign is to leverage on our 4000 plus staff count to help on sustainable NRW reduction efforts.
    In conjunction with the World Water Loss Day on the 4th December 2019, Air Selangor has taken further initiatives to raise awareness on the campaign.
    There are 3 main initiatives run by Air Selangor to support the World Water Loss Day as follows:
    1. The Roadshow – simultaneous presentation and engagement activities on ‘Leak Finder Air Selangor’ at Head Quarters and the 10 regions office on 4th Dec 2019.

    2. The WhatsApp and Email blast to all staff consisting message of ‘Leak Finder Air Selangor’ in order to encourage all staff to forward that message to their close family and friends to report any leak/burst and suspicious illegal connection to themselves. In short, all staff will be an Air Selangor agent to their family and friends. The WhatsApp blast also includes a catchy video illustrating a responsible public that upon encountering a leak suddenly realized that he has a friend in Air Selangor whom he can actually forward the leak info to.

    3. Encouraging all staff to join a Yammer group called NRW Leak Alert where the group members shared some interesting video, photos, write-up and related information such as types of leak, photos and videos of actual leak found via manual and advance leak detection equipment, guideline to report a leak and other continuous awareness material posting.

  21. Highlights from 4th Dec at the IWA Water and Development congress, which included an interview on World Water Loss Day.

  22. Master students at Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest. The photo is taken at 6:00 PM after calculating their first Water Balance.

  23. The next generation of Water Loss Specialist at Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest.
    The photo is taken around 6:00 PM with master students after they calculated their first water balance (you can see the joy on their faces)

  24. An international team of professionals from UTILIS Israel, KOLEKTOR sisteh Slovenia, AQUASAVE Macedonia and AKVAPAN Serbia joint forces and knowledge in the first satellite based leak detection project in Serbia (Pancevo, Kovin and Kovacica).
    The project’s launch is announced on the first World Water Loss Day. Thanks to IWA Water Loss Specialist Group for enhancing the awareness of such an important issue.

  25. 57 Water Loss Committee Members rose at 7am to talk about water loss and business practices at NAWL2019 in Nashville Tennessee. We all celebrated the designation of today, December 4, as WWLD to raise awareness to this critically important issue. Over the next 2 days over 600 attendees will share their experiences and best practices to reduce water loss. Thanks to all who are doing their part to reduce water loss!

  26. DearSir, I send you a small document, on what we are doing in the city of Chihuahua Mexico, the operating organism “municipal board of water and sanitization of Chihuahua”, to reduce the loss of water, generated by an intermittent supply mainly

    Sincerely, best regards

    dia perdidss de agua

  27. Celebrating World Water Loss Day!

    The North Carolina Division of Water Infrastructure, in partnership with N.C. State University’s Water Resources Research Institute (WRRI) and Cavanaugh, recently held a summit, “Advancing Water Loss Control and Improving System Viability: A Summit for NC’s Water Utilities” on November 13, 2019. This summit brought together participants from local and state governments, water associations, water utilities, private consulting, and academia to learn about water auditing through the lens of a pilot program as well as national-level efforts. The summit featured deep dives into data from the program to provide context for how the AWWA M36 methodology can directly benefit North Carolina’s utilities. For more, go to

  28. El Grupo Especializado de Pérdidas de Agua (GEPA) de la Asociación Internacional del Agua (IWA, por sus siglas en inglés), está promoviendo el día de las pérdidas de agua a celebrarse el próximo 4 de diciembre, que además de la IWA tiene el respaldo de la AWWA. Es por esto que quisiera solicitar su ayuda para que las personas e instituciones del sector del agua de su país también se adhiera a esta iniciativa.
    El GEPA para esta ocasión ha creado un sitio web en el cual se espera cargar fotos, artículos o blogs de las actividades realizadas durante este día provenientes de cualquier persona o entidad vinculada con esta problemática. El material resultante lo pueden hacer llegar al del presidente del GEPA para cargar en la página web. Cualquier inquietud que tengan no duden en contactarnos.

    1. There will be two specific launch activities – one at the AWWA North Amercian Water Loss Conference and the other at the IWA Water and Development Congress. But you are most welcome to do your own with your friends!

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