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  1. An international team of professionals from UTILIS Israel, KOLEKTOR sisteh Slovenia, AQUASAVE Macedonia and AKVAPAN Serbia joint forces and knowledge in the first satellite based leak detection project in Serbia (Pancevo, Kovin and Kovacica).
    The project’s launch is announced on the first World Water Loss Day. Thanks to IWA Water Loss Specialist Group for enhancing the awareness of such an important issue.

  2. 57 Water Loss Committee Members rose at 7am to talk about water loss and business practices at NAWL2019 in Nashville Tennessee. We all celebrated the designation of today, December 4, as WWLD to raise awareness to this critically important issue. Over the next 2 days over 600 attendees will share their experiences and best practices to reduce water loss. Thanks to all who are doing their part to reduce water loss!

  3. DearSir, I send you a small document, on what we are doing in the city of Chihuahua Mexico, the operating organism “municipal board of water and sanitization of Chihuahua”, to reduce the loss of water, generated by an intermittent supply mainly

    Sincerely, best regards

    dia perdidss de agua

  4. Celebrating World Water Loss Day!

    The North Carolina Division of Water Infrastructure, in partnership with N.C. State University’s Water Resources Research Institute (WRRI) and Cavanaugh, recently held a summit, “Advancing Water Loss Control and Improving System Viability: A Summit for NC’s Water Utilities” on November 13, 2019. This summit brought together participants from local and state governments, water associations, water utilities, private consulting, and academia to learn about water auditing through the lens of a pilot program as well as national-level efforts. The summit featured deep dives into data from the program to provide context for how the AWWA M36 methodology can directly benefit North Carolina’s utilities. For more, go to

  5. El Grupo Especializado de Pérdidas de Agua (GEPA) de la Asociación Internacional del Agua (IWA, por sus siglas en inglés), está promoviendo el día de las pérdidas de agua a celebrarse el próximo 4 de diciembre, que además de la IWA tiene el respaldo de la AWWA. Es por esto que quisiera solicitar su ayuda para que las personas e instituciones del sector del agua de su país también se adhiera a esta iniciativa.
    El GEPA para esta ocasión ha creado un sitio web en el cual se espera cargar fotos, artículos o blogs de las actividades realizadas durante este día provenientes de cualquier persona o entidad vinculada con esta problemática. El material resultante lo pueden hacer llegar al del presidente del GEPA para cargar en la página web. Cualquier inquietud que tengan no duden en contactarnos.

    1. There will be two specific launch activities – one at the AWWA North Amercian Water Loss Conference and the other at the IWA Water and Development Congress. But you are most welcome to do your own with your friends!

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