Based on an idea from Uri Gutermann (Switzerland) several members of the IWA Water Loss Specialist Group (WLSG) have developed the idea/concept/initiative to designate the 4th of December as “World Water Loss Day.”  The inaugural year rollout is still under development and details forthcoming but it is specifically designed to draw attention to Water Loss Reduction globally.  Although the concept originated from the WLSG, the use of the named day is intended for all and not just an IWA logo or initiative.  It really is about awareness and continuing to point many different audiences to best practices and the tools available. 

December 4 was selected because of the unique coincidence that in 2019 this day is in the middle of two very important water events, the IWA’s Water and Development Congress in Sri Lanka and AWWA’s North American Water Loss Confeerence (NAWL) in Nashville, Tennessee – two ideal plattforms for the global launch of World Water Loss Day!

4th December